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MoTeC Engine Management (ECU)

Brand: MoTeC SKU: MC29-313001-HAYABUSA
The MoTeC M800 ECU Hayabusa Plug-and-Play kits is a direct replacement for the factory ECU on Suzuki Hayabusa models Gen I and Gen II, based around the M800 ECU.The PNP kit includes the adapter box, wiring harness, lambda sensor, Bosch ignition amplifier, custom ECU mount with hardware and a MoTeC M..
Brand: MoTeC SKU: MC30-311003
M48-PRO 3DFISA (3D Fuel/Ignition/Sequential/Advanced &Logging) M4 / 48 ECU’s are supplied with mating Plastic Sealed Connector, Instruction Manual , Wiring Diagrams and Software included...
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